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Native Americans were fairly healthy before the European Invaders arrives. They lived on the land and in some areas grew crops in cultivated, rich soils. The Bison hunting Nations who were always on the move ate a mixture of meat, plants, fruits and berries. Long ago, this country was a bountiful place where Native people lived in harmony with the land.

Today, American Natives need only travel to their nearest grocery store to find an abundance of food. Many Natives do still grow some of their own food, raising crops that help to sustain their people through the hard times. The triad of corn, beans and squash still for an important part of many diets. These high carbohydrate, high energy foods are healthful and can be grown in harmony with the land where we live.

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Life is not just about taking what we can but rather just taking what we need. Living within our means and looking after the environment in which we live is so important if we are to fight of the threats of the modern world. These include the problems of environmental pollution and damage; the reduction of fertile areas to grow crops; corporate and individual greed; etc.

Worrying about the health of our nation is an important cause for many. Where should we start? Perhaps it is best to start small and grow organically to the stage where we can be part of a larger change. As we have mentioned, getting back to growing the triad of corn, beans and squash is a start. Beans feed both man and the soil. Giving back to nature is as important as what we take from it.

Our country can produce many of the fruits that we eat today. For individual health, the more organic ripe fruit that we consume, the better our health should be. There are lots of resources we can turn to that provide more information such as juicer reviews as well as the nutrient content of different foods (USDA database).

Indigenous Peoples of Mexico, Central and South America introduced important staples to North America. It is a shame they are now treated as criminals for making the same journey north.