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The whole personal development ethos of improving a person’s life in many different ways applies just as much to Native Americans as it does to anyone else. There are no social, racial, cultural or environmental barriers to the idea of taking yourself out of the place that you are to the place you believe you can occupy.

When most people think about the concept of personal development, they conjure up an image of the average Caucasian white collar worker looking to improve their lot in life. However, when you think about it you’ll realize that Native Americans already have a big head start on most other folks.

One of the most important aspects of developing yourself personally is in the mastery of your mind. This involves meditation and some mental discipline, both of which are skills well known to people from this culture. You can learn more about mental discipline and taking control of your thoughts here: https://disciplinedthinking.com.

If you go on back through time to our recent history, you will discover that there were many ceremonies performed by certain qualified members of each tribe and one of those was meditation. This involved several ceremonial steps that included chanting and cleansing of the mind to make way for the acceptance of good spirits to visit the body through the open mind.

What was really taking place can be likened to the meditational rituals undertaken by many life coaches to render themselves in a mentally calm and receptive state to receive assistance from a greater power or creative intelligence that manifests in the form of new ideas, answers to questions and solutions to problems. In short, in creates the right circumstances to promote the accepted method of contacting “infinite intelligence” and receiving instruction on how to proceeds through life toward a definite goal.

This is a powerful concept that when used correctly can generate incredible results for those with the patience, skill and determination to make their lives better. Many of the world’s wealthiest people use similar methods to generate ideas and plans to accumulate that wealth, so it is not merely a fanciful and time wasting undertaking.

The Native American who is already in possession of this knowledge and the skills to implement the process is one that can become a leader in his or her calling and make of their lives whatever they desire them to be. This is a fascinating model for the betterment of a person’s life in so many ways and one that should not be ignored or dismissed lightly.

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