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I think by this point we can all agree that we didn’t as a society do any favors to the Native American’s when it came time to give them land.  I recently receive a wine gift basket from New Mexico, in an area I know which is perilously close to a large reservation.

I had previously bought some on a trip to the area and had been so impressed tried to buy it online. Unfortunately they had no real web presence, or site to buy their goods from despite having a very marketable product.  Why this was the case I’m not sure, certainly they were losing out on loads of potential sales simply because they lacked the expertise to sell their products online.

There is certainly a real need for marketing expertise to help with these Native American businesses.  often they were set up with various grants and government help to create employment opportunities.  However these initiatives often only received  minimal help and start up advice, then were left to develop on their own.

The digital market place however really requires lots of modern skills in order to succeed and often these are lacking in some of the native American businesses.  For example learning to use search engine optimization techniques, social media and utilizing paid search advertising are useful to develop markets.  Also using tools to support these functions and software like the VPN services like this one used to watch the BBC news.

It made me think, what if the wine industry in this part of the country takes off.  It’s an interesting question because sparkling wine (think Champagne, but we can’t call it that because Champagne is a region in France) is huge in New Mexico.  In fact sparkling wines from New Mexico are actually the best being produced in America today.

What happens if wineries want land to continue increasing production?  Will the government help move even more people, to an even worse location once again?

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