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It can be very difficult to pick up a new language and that is compounded for complicated languages like the Navajo.  Another issue is that there are often limited number of teachers who are capable of teaching some languages.

Here’s how one language teacher is using technology to help teach Navajo to the younger generation.

It’s an initiative inspired by the learning software company Rosetta Stone who launched an endangered language project in 2010. One of the main aims of the project was to help preserve some of the language which are at serious risk. The company provided software and support to Navajo schools and education centres to help students learn the language.

There are now three mobile apps which are devoted to learning the Navajo language, there’s even one designed to help toddlers start learning. It plays songs, poems and has a selection of interactive games designed for youngsters.

For further information on accessing the Youtube videos see this – England proxy information.