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Experts in Native American rights often suggest comparing legal system in US and New Zealand. various differences in legal rights have made a huge difference in terms of native Maori survival and nowadays they are counted as equals and having as much rights as anyone else in the country. However, that still is not the case for the natives in US. New Zealand is an living example that US should fallow as a freedom promising country. “The most liberal” country in the world should have more freedoms and rights towards its native people, why is this not the case? Well, this is a questions for experts and politicians to solve. American Indians have always been underpowered and dislocated to national parks, their lands were taken, they have been harassed, killed and abandoned.

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Scientists and experts often relate Native Americans to the natives in New Zealand. Experts state that the traditions, genes, culture and mindset is very similar to Maori and American Indians. Maori people nowadays make roughly 15% of the people of NZ, while Native Americans are 0.8% of US population. This shows the huge difference of the legal rights over last 400 years that natives had in their lands. In states like Alaska, New Mexico and South Dakota – Native Americans are roughly 8-13% of state population, however this is still nothing compared to what it was 200-400 years ago before Europeans came to Americas.

Experts in New Zealand often question these huge differences between the social, cultural, ethical, political and legal rights of American Indians and natives in New Zealand – Maori people. Some great expert questions and answers can be found at the BBC, where you can watch BBC News live where you can check for some great cultural, historical and economical q&a’s. Some of scientists, cultural and legal researchers as well as experts rely on the politicians that someday this all will end and a proprietary legal bindings and instruments will be set to put the Native Americans back to their legal status, give them back their lands, forests, rivers, hunting areas etc.