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There is no doubt that tourists often seek more from their holiday than a pool and a sun lounger and there is a huge growth in the demand for cultural and educational experiences too. There is a hope that a new website will help capture some interest in visitors seeking to see something of the Native American history that is dotted all over the USA.


Ultimately this is one of the difficulties in visiting native American sites of interest simply that they are so widely distributed across a large nation. However the American Indian Alaskan Native Tourism Association hopes to make visiting them a little easier. They have developed a new web site at nativeamerica.travel which is designed to help both visitors and travel agencies to design travel itineraries that can combine the best in Native American experiences whilst linking in with native owned hotels and other tourism related businesses.

The site also offers the facility for Native American businesses to showcase their services or businesses. Perhaps with simple advertisements or perhaps something more sophisticated created with video making software such as Content Samurai. Potentially more than 500 tribes would be eligible as long as they are state and federally recognized.

The database contained within the site will list all the different sites and include locations, regions and type of experience. Anyone can use these to plan trips which can be especially useful for those with limited time and budget or perhaps have mobility issues. The site has been developed after similar web sites were launched in British Columbia and Australia as a means for promoting aboriginal sites and tours in those location – these have all been very successful.

One area that is particularly interested in this initiative is Colorado, who are keen to diversify their tourist profile from gambling and nightlife. It is hoped that the site will not only promote directly the historical sites, attractions and museums – but also attract a diversity of tourists to these areas. It is essential that developments like these continue to help preserve and perpetuate the native American culture and traditions.

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