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American culture has for the last several hundred years been a Western culture. It’s main influence have been from the British culture in addition to influences from many other parts of Europe. Later a lot of the immigrants and slaves, the Native American peoples, African Americans and to a lesser extent Asian Americans have also been adding their influence to the USA. Because of this the American culture got many integrated but unique subcultures within the country. Philip from sunbitech.dk recently posted a paper on these various subcultures and how they have effected American culture over the last 30 years. One of the main types of influences have been from the black music subcultures. Most of the most popular music these days are heavily influenced by hip-hop, R’N’B and  rap music in general and as we all know, music is one of the biggest influences there is. It tells us how to dress, how to behave and in many other ways affect the lives of the younger members of society.
But why does music have such a huge effect on the culture? Music have been around for as long as people can remember and every country got it’s very own style of music, or at least that how it used to be. With the invention of the record and mass media, various countries started listening to music from other countries and soon began to lose more and more of their own music style . Now a day the kids watch MTV and similar music channels, they listen to the lyrics of their idols, they want to dress the same way they do and have the same opinions as their stars and such things does affect the culture of a country in a big way.

But how have music changed the American culture? The answer is actually quite obvious, just think – 50 years ago who would ever have imagined that USA would have a black president today? Not many I’ll bet.
The report from sunbitech.dk called priser nyt tag, does indicate how music made it cool to be black.  What can possible be cooler than a black gansta rapper these days? In the beginning of the 80’s it still wasn’t that cool to be of a different color, just look at Michael Jackson, but that begin to change really fast and a lot of it was due to the music people was listening to.

But music isn’t the only thing that have had a huge influence on the American culture. Food is another of the main factors and when it comes to food, nowhere else in the world can you get so many different kinds of food. America is a heaven for all who wants to experience a large palette of dishes from all over the world. Each type of immigrant brought with them, in addition to their own types of music, their own food cultures which has fast been accepted into the country. Now in almost any larger towns you can get the traditional American burgers, tacos, pizza, spring rolls, and just about any other type of food you can imagine. Just imagine how bought the food would be if it haven’t been for the inspiration of the many immigrants. All these various immigrants have helped make USA one of the most successful and greatest nations of all time. We owe them a big thanks.


Source: sunbitech.dk.