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We can learn a lot from our ancestors and through our history books. The most important thing that we should learn, however, is to not discriminate anyone period. Any sort of prejudice related to race, ethnicity, gender, or skin color should be eliminated and we should treat people equally. If we overcome this type of discrimination, we will have peace not only throughout America, but throughout the world as well.

There is no need to travel to other parts of the world to get away from the discrimination. If you really want to travel, without leaving your house, you can use a flight simulator program to simulate the act of flying an airplane. With a flight simulation you can get away to other countries without actually leaving. But, if we get rid of the prejudice in America, we won’t want to leave our country and therefore America will be a better place to stay in.

Isn’t peace what America is all about in the first place? America should be the place to get away from all the discrimination and prejudice and instead unite as one and not judge anyone by their ethnicity or any outer appearances at all. Whether a person is an American Indian or Canadian Indian, we should have the intelligence to call them by what they want to be called and treat them as one of our own.

Promoting peace will save our country from swaying away from the good ideals of our forefathers. We need to acknowledge that wars have been fought and life’s were sacrificed to make America what it is today. We have abolished slavery, abolished racial discrimination, and have become the great country it is today, by getting rid of prejudice and we should keep it that way. In order to create peace and true freedom and liberty, we need to get any kind of prejudice we have in America.

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