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It exists to champion societal, political, ethnic, legal problems impacting Native Hawaiians, American Indians, and Alaska Natives. It offers associate, standard, and specific memberships.

The NNABA represents Indian States as well as people. The attorneys are traditionally double citizens of their tribal state and America. As tribal citizens, the members are in charge of helping protect the governmental sovereignty. The NNABA was made under the name of American Indian Attorneys Association in 1973.


Their aims are to protect the autonomy of Tribal judicial systems and the Native Tribal states. The Organization functions to encourage an understanding of inclusion and the distinguishing legal status in states with Tribal authorities, especially on State Bar examinations.

Indians should not be taxed. Tribal authorities have all the duties of any other including government including supplying health care and schooling because of their citizens. Tribes have their own infrastructures

There’s a growing issue of law school applicants. To be one that is Native American must have Tribal citizenship not just ethnicity. As a tribal citizen, one is made a registration number used to some Social Security number. Nevertheless, 2,500 Native American graduates were accounted for by law schools. The disparity emphasizes the issue  is still a tremendous problem.  It’s a point picked up eloquently in a couple of documentaries covering the challenges that face Native Americans in establishing a career, one of these was recently aired by the BBC which may be available in their archives or through BBC Iplayer.   You can get BBC iPlayer in the USA although recently they have been blocking VPN services so some are normally blocked, just try to use a proxy or VPN service which runs out of the UK, works perfectly normally.

Law school program barely mentions the fact that there are three different legal arrangements within America. Schools, particularly where Indian tribes are, must incorporate Indian law program into their programs. NNABA works diligently to help make reforms that are needed.

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