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It’s important that debt-laden Native Americans be aware of online tools such as the PaymentBot that are available to understand personal debt.

When an individual hears someone ask them if they have heard the good news, he will naturally respond with “What good news?”  Now, there are certain types of good news that are not particularly new, but this has little to do with the discussion of paymentbot software.

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Like the not-so-fresh good news that has been around for thousands of years, paymentbots are not exactly a new technology either. In fact, it’s just another term for a payment calculator. Anyone who has applied for a mortgage or a car loan in recent years has either run such a program or had such a program run on his behalf.  It is this program that determines how much someone will pay. A different set of rules and regulations, and perhaps another program entirely determines whether or not someone will get a mortgage loan or a car loan.

If a curious customer wants to run a Paymentbot on his own behalf, it is relatively easy to do so.  The good news, if the stretched phrase can be applied here, is that a number of different sites have made such software available for him.  These code snippets, often installed directly on a website, work the same way the programs the banks use.

What can someone do with the information these programs provide?  Well, the information serves as a guideline for someone who wants to take out a long-term loan.  Car loans and home mortgages have been used as an example, but these payment calculators can serve the needs of businesses of all sizes as well.  Small business owners know they need capital in order to grow and expand.  They may not always know if they can make the payments. After all, starting a business of any size requires the business owner and his investors to take a risk.

Colin Williams