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There’s a sad irony that Native Americans who generally live a much ‘greener’ existence than most of us are more affected by climate change. Native American lands are often very vulnerable to shifts in temperature and rainfall amounts. Politically there is a problem too, most Native American communities are offered a single choice to improve their communities and lives and that’s increased economic development. Rarely is the environmental impact included in these schemes to bring prosperity to the communities, often with damaging consequences especially in areas like Alaska.

There is no doubt that more needs to be done to promote environmental issues in these areas. Certainly something like greener power would be embraced by most native American communities who have naturally a great affinity with the natural world. You can easily help stimulate investment in new wind, solar, wave and tidal energy simply by opting to invest in greener power through your electricity provider. The very best policy, as utilized in Germany and many other countries, is really one which guarantees much higher payments on the electricity market place when it comes to people and companies who generate renewable energy. By ensuring a good price was actually paid for green electricity, the government really helped to ensure wind turbines and solar panels an appealing investment, massively enhancing storage capacity in an only a few years.

Within the UK, the government took on a different policy called the Renewables Obligation. This meant that electricity providers had to buy a certain percentage of their electrical energy from eco-friendly generators, Because of this, the companies could create ‘green’ tariffs simply by reallocating the renewable resource they had to purchase anyway to these customers, developing no extra capacity whatsoever. Good greener tariffs Don’t despair: you can still make a difference by opting for a green tariff if you make sure your electricity company actually transforms some of your money into new wind mills, wave farms and solar panels.

There are lots of online resources which offer guidance from an individual level up to helping larger businesses manage their energy requirements. Indeed you can even take some online courses from various environmental degrees from Universities across the world. These are sometimes limited to specific countries, however you can use residential proxies to change your IP address and access them online if it’s important.

Ethical Consumer journal offers each a simple ranking in order to help you make up your mind. In 2007, the National Consumer Council likewise created a report called ‘Reality or Rhetoric’, which ranked the different tariffs available to customers (www.ncc.org.uk). Both large and small level eco-friendly energy projects will be needed to deliver our electricity needs in the future. By generating renewable energy in your home, you can easily reduce your monthly bills, help support a new industry and cut your carbon dioxide emissions.

Different technologies are actually suitable for different houses, and the most effective option for you will definitely depend upon where you live, as well as the structure of your home, therefore do get expert guidance before buying any kit. Renewable energy systems that have actually been utilized effectively in homes include solar panels, rooftop wind turbines, wood pellet boilers and ground’ and air source heat pumps. Grants to help install renewable energy at home are also available from the government, although they are usually in short supply. In the UK, the Energy Saving Trust and the Low Carbon Buildings Programme can help find expert advice and any available grants.

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