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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) could face a class-action lawsuit over its controversial “actual name” policy. Some users have reported their reports being suspended or targeted on the social networking platform. Facebook has attempted to change its “real name” policy, but some users maintain the relaxation of the policy isn’t enough. They believe Facebook can do a lot more to help them appreciate the service.


Users that are targeting Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) comprise political activists, Native Americans, violence survivors, drag queens and transgender youths. These groups are affected in a single way or another due to their profile names. While Native Americans have claimed being blocked from Facebook because their names don’t appear authentic, others are targeted in several different manners.

Dana Lone Hill, a Native American, intends to lead a class action lawsuit against Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). She needed to describe her situation for Facebook to restore the account and has been a sufferer of account blocking. Based on Hill, Facebook seems to be having problems with Native American names that blend adjectives and nouns. However, Hill says those are their real names, and Facebook desires to not target them. Other minority groups have suffered these sort of issues, even those using iPads and Laptops with Vpns like this, to access Facebook from other countries or behind internet blocks.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has had the opportunity to restore accounts of some Native American users as soon as they provided confirmation details, but that isn’t what Hill wants. FB) wants the enterprise to put in place a system which will eliminate frustrations.

While Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) executives could be excited about their enormous user base, almost 1.32 billion monthly active users, they are also interested in assembling a high-quality user base. The company generates its revenue from selling marketing and creating a community of real users, as advertisers are able to see real yields on their advertisement spending, which will be not bad for its bottom line.

The challenge in balancing quality with quantity is that Facebook also risks alienating some users with its name policy that is rigorous.

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