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I have been an supporter and exponent of ethnic diversity for all of my adult life. I have never felt that a person should be judged on their race or colour of their skin. We need to accept diversity an embrace it rather than fight against it…the path to conflict only. The web site that I subscribe to most is that of airpi.org  which I believe offers a balanced and non partisan approach to the problems being faced by our society today.

It is essential that our leaders take the time to read and appreciate the word contained within the posts on the site  that come from minority groups who need a real voice to help them in the future. I have seen some things happen in my time that still make me shiver at the thoughtlessness and cruelty that was inflicted upon individuals for no other reason that the fact that they were black.

One time I was in my doctor’s surgery and overheard a white woman telling an Indian woman that the mole of the black woman’s face was sure sign of cancer and that if she didn’t cut it out right away she would die from the disease. What a load of rot, especially more hurtful when after the Indian lady left the white woman was making jokes about the incident.

So angry was I at what had just occurred that I went after the black woman and told her she should inquire about mole removal from a certified radio surgeon, who I knew would confidently deal with her situation. I went back into the surgery and hoped that the selfish racist would get a piece of bad news of her own from the doctor.

I cannot emphasise enough our need to be vigilant against this kind of behind the hand racism, I for one, want to live out my days in a harmonious society, not be ducking behind the sofa as the bullets fly.