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The importance of maintaining a culture or identity is obvious, it cannot afford to become lost, however, globalisation is making it harder and harder to preserve. Globalisation has given us a warped view of the world, and when we think of Native Americans we picture the stereotypical headdress, alongside casinos. We forget about any cultural history, and instead typecast everyone within that culture as the same; it could be argued that this is what modern society has led to.

When we picture France, our mind conjures images of the Eiffel tower and berets, we think of Germany and our minds eye can see beer and sausage, the thought of the south west of England brings rolling countryside and sandy beaches. We are continually influenced by what we hear and read about and then form our opinions from there; we do not feel the need to visit these places as we already know what we will find there, or at least think we do.


Globalisation doesn’t have to mean the death of old, little known about cultures though. As we are now part of a global community, a great way that people can help to preserve cultures and identities is through blogging and travel writing. If more people can visit an area, and document their travels, it will help to maintain a society and will provide people with a unique and accurate perception of the place, rather than forming their opinion through what they hear or read about.

Many people have seen this as a great opportunity to maintain their cultural values, and teach people about a different civilization, this can only be a positive thing.

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