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Religion and spiritual beliefs are an important part of the Native American culture. However, over the years those spiritual beliefs have been forgotten by people all around these historical tribes. But thanks to today’s technology anyone can learn more about the religious beliefs of important Native American tribes. In this article we will talk about some of the major Native American beliefs and other resources you can use to learn more. Whether you are a Native American yourself or just want to know more this is the article for you.

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One of the major beliefs of many Native Americans and other World religions is the idea that after our death we go to a Heaven. Whether a person goes to Heaven or not directly depends on the life that the person has lived. There are also other beliefs in some Native American groups that you will be re-incarnated as an animal or something else. In the Native American culture they hold animals to be very sacred.

The next interesting belief or practice among Native Americans is that they don’t have a designated Church that they attend every Sunday or Saturday. A lot of the spiritual growth comes from hunting, ceremonies, and other forms of worship. This is very different than most major Christian religions that have a weekly meeting or followers to attend. However, in my opinion this idea sounds great in that you find God in nature and the little things of life.

In closing there are many resources to learning more about this amazing people. Whether you are a Native American or not I believe it is everyone’s duty to learn as much as they can to understand this great heritage.

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