HomeAmericaThe Incredible Native American Entrepreneurs of Oregon

It might surprise you but the Native American community in Oregon launched new businesses faster than almost any other community in the country.  In fact the rate was almost twice the overall natural average in the USA.  On the whole the majority of these were starting up on  their own, but don’t let that mask their huge success.

Take some statistics from 2007, they generated over 100 million dollars in sales.  The number surviving was impressive too, over 4200 business survived their first year which is a 40% increase over 5 year previously.

I did some research on this for the new US media site – http://www.proxyusa.com/ which aims to bring access to the online media especially from the US to the world.  However I was rather disconcerted to find that there were no more statistics available after this point. In fact as the recession bit across the world and decimated both large and small businesses we have little idea about how the Native American entrepreneur has managed in these times.

There are organisations concerned with this and the development of Native American businesses.  For example in Oregon some of the tribes have got together to form the Oregon Native American Business and Entrepreneurial Network.  This has actually been in existence for nearly two decades now but is becoming more relevant in the tough times.

The organisation has grown over the years and now has 16 tribes and colleges involved and began to focus on the training that an entrepreneur will require.  It markets it’s curriculum and the sales now account for about a third of it’s income.  The economic recession seems to have pushed many towards self employment by necessity – organisations like ONABEN give people the skills they need to succeed.    The economic growth of the country depends on entrepreneurs in all sectors of the community, the Native American has a great role to play in the recovery.