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Here’s an interesting video, it’s part one of a four part series covering the History of the Native American Indians that is hosted on Youtube.  You can find links to the subsequent parts in the description.

It covers some of the origins and earlier histories of the origins of the Native Americans, including the first migration which took place more than 15000 years ago. The migration took place across a land bridge between North America and Asia called the Beringia (which is obviously long gone).

There are lots of useful videos online concerning the history, culture and origins of Native American Indians – including lots of courses too at the various online University systems at places like EDUx.  If you’re looking to develop your own video content online then it’s worth checking out the various tools and resources that are available.  This online slideshow video maker is pretty easy to use and is perfect for combining written text, a narrative and some graphics and images as illustration.

For anyone looking to learn more about the history of the Native American Indians there are also a huge list of resources online that you can see from our links page.