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The apaches are one of the best known tribes from North American Indians, living mostly in the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico in the US and the Coahuila in Mexico, and in states of Chihuahua. Among the Indians of the Southwest, the apache tribe was the fiercest and most savage warriors. The apaches were wonderful horsemen and wandered from place to place attacking their more peaceful neighbors. However, they were also robbing for food, horses and even sheep. The journalist James Briketter, who runs the online magazine Briketter på Tilbud, have been researching the apache tribe for over the last 25 years. In his magazine Briketter på Tilbud, he prints monthly articles on both the modern life of the indians, and historical facts. We have here on Airpi asked him for assistance now adn then, in order to get our facts straight. They don’t only fight and robbed their Indian neighbors but also they fought against all white men. The first white men who have met by the apaches were the Spanish explorers who conquered Mexico. The apache tribe first learned about horses through the Spanish. The apache tribe stole the Spaniards horses and started to learn riding the horses and fought on horseback. Later on, the apache tribe attacked the Mexicans when Mexico became an independent country. The territory becomes the states of Arizona and New Mexico became a part of the United States led by chief’s Geronimo, Victorio and Cochise surrendered in the year 1886. The cavalry of the US army had to fight for years before the Apaches.

For over 30 years, the apache tribe leader fought for the tribe and their land situated in Southwest. Geronimo was known as strong and fearless leader by many people in apache tribe. Geronimo was known as the apache tribe leader surrendered on this day to the group of United States troops. Geronimo’s family sent as prisoners to St. Augustine, Florida after they were captured. Geronimo surrendered only when he was told by a messenger of American General Nelson A. Miles that he would be permitted to live with this wife and children. However the chance of climates was unfitted to the Indians. They were sent in the West to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. In the year 1909, Geronimo died. Although the Apaches were in one tribe, they were divided into several bands. Now, a lot of these bands live in peace on reservations in Arizona and New Mexico.

The name “apache” used in the French language for risky criminals in Paris. Paris is the biggest city and capital of France. It is pronounced in the French manner just as the same as our words “ganster” or “hoodlum”. The apache tribe was a very interesting Native American Tribe. The apache tribes were one of the top 10 Native American tribes that visited New Mexico. The apache tribes of Native Americans can be found at the west part of New Mexico and some other areas of the Southeast in the state. In this area James Briketter have been living among the natives for almost a year, in order to finish one of his books. The apache tribe was known as the most abundant Native Americans in the state, it covered more than half of it. The apache tribe history had marked a very good story from the past about Native Americans. This tribe becomes a part of Native Americans history and should be treasured. The story and lives of apache tribes were still a part of the history of America.

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