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The Oakville Indian mounds stand in almost 130 acres in Lawrence County.  The area is very peaceful but also attracts a lot of visitors, fisherman, birdwatchers, hikers and joggers all frequently use the area.  But if we go back a thousand years it was probably popular with Native Americans.

The specialist historian at the site estimated that it has been occupied for probably 10,000 years.  You can still see signs of the occupation and the history in the three mounds still visible at the site.  There were estimated a couple more but these have been destroyed over the years probably as a result of farming practices.


The biggest mound there stands about 30 feet tall and covers an area of nearly 1.5 miles, it is believed to be some sort of religious space.  There is a native American one in the area too which has a settlers cemetery built into the top.   There is also a museum at the site where Native American artifacts found in the area are displayed.  In total there are well over 20,000 Native American artifacts for people to see.

The museum plays an important part in the Indian Education Programme and gives students an interactive way to learn about their Native American heritage.

“We have about 1719 pupils served here in Lawrence County only,” says Casey Reed who is the Federal Program Director for Lawrence County Schools. “We have among the larger Indian Education Plans in the state.”

Educating the people is one of their quantity one priorities, since the home is managed by the county school system.

“In this place only, there are over 100 recorded sites and we are here to assist maintain these sites from damage and to prepare the people to attempt to have them fascinated in conserving more sites” says Mullican.

If you want to learn more about Native American history, you can find the museum’s website here.  For general history and information then there’s lots of resources on the BBC website although to watch the documentaries you’ll need this site – http://www.uktv-online.com/ if you’re outside the United Kingdom.

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