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As we can see, many nations are developing these days. In living in the era of computer age, you are sure that you are also becoming innovative. You are now living into the modern world. This means that, whatever ethnicity and race you are, you can freely enjoy your rights just like others. It is a nice idea that the government had given the indigenous people had the rights of being prioritized into the society. This is proven that the government and the leaders are doing their job respectively to become fair. It is sad to hear that the government from the past had forgotten the Native Americans. They don’t implement any project given that this people can also be educated. ASP has clearly taught Native Americans that they are part in the society. Therefore, they also have equal rights with the other people in the nation. Native Americans are not aliens in their nation, thus they deserved to experience their rights with no condition just like the other citizens. A developing world means a developing people. So, this means that the people are living peacefully and contentedly.

ASP demonstrated how Native American becomes remarkable during their past times. They really did nothing wrong into the society but the government failed to provide their privileges. This is because they belong to Native Americans. It is a wrong insight that they don’t have any chance to enjoy their right because they are natives which is totally wrong. Did you know that we cannot have any archaeological history without them? Indeed, these Native Americans contributed good and notable history in America. They did many things such as handicrafts and many more. They remain historical. This is because they play a big part into the nation. Without them, you cannot say that your nation is now developing. Without their works from the past, you cannot say that your nation is extremely developing. The skills of the Native Americans cannot be compared with the works today. When you are going to compare the works today, almost all of it is done using technologies. This means that the work is not easily with no effort and no meaning.

ASP explained that Native Americans really did a good job. You cannot compare a work by hand from a work by technology. Of course, a work by hand is actually a work by heart. So, this includes the passion and the heart while doing it. The technology today is a great advantage. This means that the world is gradually developing because of the clever people. So, these clever people inherited their skills, talents and capabilities from their ancestors which are the Native Americans. Whatever these Native Americans done from the past is a treasure to keep. When you visit museums, you will witness those things from the past that is notable. Native Americans don’t only have their rights given but also their works are appreciated. ASP definitely explains that these Native Americans are good people from the history and until now.