HomePeopleSmoking Cessation Rates Set To Improve Amongst Native Americans

There have been a number of studies carried out over the last couple of decades that have uncovered Native Americans as having very high smoking rates, much more than any other ethnic groups within the United States.

A recent study has revealed 24.3% of Americans continue to smoke whilst a massive 30-40% of Native Americans in the United States are currently smoking. There are different arguments as to why the numbers are this high, the main ones being that smoking cessation methods are not reaching the areas where Native Americans reside as well as heavy smoking spread across both male and females meaning that normal ‘quit smoking’ programs may not target both sets of smokers as effectively. Finally there is also the cultural differences to take into account when offering cessation programs with very few actually being measured in terms of effectiveness.

There needs to be a be a better understanding about cigarette smoking amongst Native Americans as well as new methods introduced to help offer an alternative. There are may out there including patches and electronic cigarettes which are becoming a good choice for many people, a good place to start is the Eig Hunter site with a known brand such as E-Lites where they have a good reputation and experience, there are even discount codes available for use for many e cig brands.

The worrying thing is that the number of smokers hasn’t dropped with the national average even with anti smoking campaigns and educational programs aimed at the younger population. Action needs to be taken from within he Native American community to put a plan in place to improve these statistics.