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For many native American communities, communication is not really a problem as  they all live very close to each other.  However many tribes particularly in the North of the country are spread out over a huge areas – keeping in touch can be a problem.  Setting up events and meetings to keep the community together can be quite a challenge.

However setting up a simple website can be a great way to solve this particular problem.  You can get a web hosting account from companies like Hostgator for only a few pounds a year.  This is the computer on which you will place the files of your website.  They are very easy to operate and most functions can be done from a little menu in your browser.

Accessing sites in other countries can be a little harder if there’s region locking in place.  However even these can be bypassed with a little effort.  To access UK only sites for example look for a UK proxy fast enough for your needs, this can bypass most restrictions although not all of them.

You can obviously employ a web designer to create your site however if budget is a problem a simple website can be set up easily by using a blogging platform called WordPress.  Ask you hosting provider about installing this – it can be done in a couple of clicks from most web hosting consoles.  Don’t be worried about the technology behind these sites most steps are very intuitive and can be accomplished very easily.

Set up a basic structure then try and communicate your website to all the community.  It is also worth installing a forum which will allow people to communicate more easily – thus members of the community can contribute wherever they are with news, updates or just gossip.  There are other skill which can help grow your web presence – if you want to try and make income or sell products or services you’re going to need to find a decent SEO guide.  However if the website is just for the community then this isn’t really necessary.

If the site is maintained well – the upkeep will be minimal, just make sure you install any updates to wordpress.  You’ll be prompted by these in the login screen of your website.