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So many people would try and tell you that the average Native is dependent on something.  From revenue from the Casino’s on so many tribe’s land (especially those here in Southern California) to alcohol and other drugs or even public assistance, the average America sees the average native as being dependent on something.

I own one of the best wine clubs around and frankly I hate the idea that Native’s are dependent on the stuff I sell.  I don’t believe it.  I also don’t believe that they are dependent as a culture.

I do think the Casino’s are a great thing for them though, assuming the money is being used well.  Yes, everyone should get some sort of a check based on the HUGE revenues being generated-but shouldn’t there be a huge push to create the best set of services imaginable.  Think about spreading out 50% of the revenue in terms of guarantees to residents and citizens of the tribe, but also taking the other amount to create the best health care, education and police departments anywhere.  Frankly, it’s all possible if the right decisions are made.