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For Native American living on reservations, utilizing modern conveniences like refrigerators can be a real challenge. Well over ten percent of homes on reservations have no electricity, well above the national average of only one percent. Even worse, on the remote Navajo reservation a staggering 40 percent of homes lack electricity.

This means that Native Americans looking to purchase a fridge are often poorly served if they rely on the traditional refrigerator reviews depended upon by Americans living in areas with better infrastructure.  Refrigerator reviews written for the population at large generally make the assumption that consumers will only be interested in refrigeration solutions that require electrical service.

With mains electricity not readily available to all Native Americans, other refrigeration options may be more appropriate.  The two most likely candidates are propane refrigerators and 12v refrigerators – both of which are great for off-grid cooling situations.

LPG, propane or natural gas refrigerators are ideal for people who do not have ready access to electrical power.  Propane refrigerators in particular are very useful, as propane distribution systems are readily available in rural areas.

It is possible to rent a large propane tank for installation on your property and have it regularly filled up by a propane tanker from one of the many distributors. This LPG fuel can also be used for other purposes apart from refrigeration; it is also good for heating homes and also for use as a fuel source for propane stoves.

A 12V refrigerator is another good solution for Native American in remote destinations.  These DC powered fridges can be powered by a variety of different off-grid electric setups – ranging from small wind turbines to sophisticated solar panel setups.  Unfortunately the upfront cost for this can be considerable, which may deter some people from pursuing this option.

Overall, I would recommend that Native Americans who dwell in areas of reservations that lack electricity look at refrigerator reviews for propane refrigeration solutions.  The fuel source for these fridge freezer solutions is relatively inexpensive in comparison to running mains power to one’s home, or even when compared to setting up a reliable 12V electricity supply.

Better yet, if money is a problem – as unfortunately it frequently is – it is possible to pick up used LPG refrigerators relatively cheaply with a little effort to find a good deal.