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Many people today speak of living the American dream. The American dream can’t really be defined in one word or phrase. Nevertheless, you can say that the American dream is having your own house, a good job and a nice car. When we talk of having a good job, it means you are able to eat out at classy restaurants, buy luxury items and go for vacations, this is the American dream. So what are the most popular luxury items among Native Americans?

First of all designer shoes, jewelry ladies handbags, free iPad and finally an free iPhone 5 are some of the most cherished items. Most Americans today boast of having the latest, iPhone gadget because it’s not only luxurious but also functional. There are even stores that sell old iPhones in exchange for new iPhones for a small fee once a new one is released. The older versions are later sold to other countries overseas or to people who can’t afford to buy a new one. Why is the iPhone so popular today?

Well before we get to that question, there’s another product that is extremely popular especially to people based on the borders.  That is a VPN or proxy service which can be used on computers, tablets and even iPhones.  These are used to bypass blocks based on location and are used for things like using a proxy for Hulu in Canada for example.

The iPhone today has over 270 million users across the world. First of all, it’s the first phone to introduce the use of apps. Today other Smartphones and android devices also use apps. Nevertheless, the iPhone created by one of most successful companies in the US, Apple, made life easier with the multiple apps that one can use. Many Native Americans today have a busy schedule and find it interesting to complete tasks as quick as possible. With the thousands of apps available on the apple store today, you can find an application that can virtually do anything even stream TV. These applications range from simple games to complex apps that assist in office work. Technology and innovation being a part of the American’s goals, you can see why the iPhone is highly appreciated by Native Americans.