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We often see Native culture and society on television, but there was a scene on the hit show Revolution the other night that made me think.  If you haven’t seen the show, the premise is fairly simple, about 10 years before the current show’s time period-the lights and all electricity simply went out all at once.  If you’re struggling to get access it’s available on Amazon Prime although the first series is only available on the US version which you  can access with a fast US VPN.

The United States falls into different parts, with separate groups running the Northeast (Monroe Republic), South (Georgia Federation), Texas, California and the Plains Nation.

It was a scene in the Plains Nation that caught my eye, the show had everyone living in traditional Native teepee’s.  It made me think that it sounded pretty correct actually given that we know Native culture has long been consistently able to live within their means, during tough times based only on how they treat each other as well as the land itself.

If the situation did occur in real life, there’s little doubt that older Native Americans with knowledge of living on the land would be much better off than the average US citizen.  Although the youngest generation would struggle just as much, the modern world is slowly eroding the traditional skills which were previously passed own the generations.

James Collins:

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