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Found this wonderful, video all about native American silver jewelry

It’s interesting to see the various styles that can be created using silver.  Producing beautiful objects like these have been an example of native american entrepreneurs have been successful in creating wealth and jobs. One of the most important aspects about using this precious metal is the fact  that it is such an excellent investment.  The prices have certainly fluctuated, during the medieval ages silver was one of the most expensive materials known to man.  Although the value is not at those heights due to the far superior mining technology available, there are many people predicting that silver values will increase dramatically over the next few years.

It’s why many people prefer their jewelry to have some intrinsic value.  It’s the same with antiques and other collectibles, fashions may change but if the metal behind the object has some value you are unlikely to ever lose in your purchase.  Many people specialise in collecting silver items for example – such as here http://anythingsilver.org/ and will include all forms in their collections.

Silver is particularly popular and collectible because it so adaptable.  You’ll find anything from wonderful old Victorian silver antiques to these scintillating North American tribal pieces.  All have a distinctive style that is timeless and will appeal to collectors throughout the ages.

The value of silver hit a plateau over the last few decades purely due to the vastly more efficient mining processes.  However now scarcity is again kicking in and the cost of mining this metal is stating to rise significantly.  Silver also has many industrial uses, which forces it’s value up even more.  Currently the world uses between 15-20% more silver than it is producing, you don’t need to be an economist to see what that’s going to do to it’s value.