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Before, this native americans is not allowed to go to public school. Later on it has changed. The court ruled that even though they live on an Native American reservation, Native American have a right to receive all of the same services that state and county governments offer to all other citizens of the state.Now they can take higher educations and learn about computers, business software or agriculture  The settlement of this case required the school district to build a new high school in this community. The photograph above was taken at the ground breaking for the new school. This particular case was the first time the Civil Rights Division had ever enforced the education regulations on behalf of Native Americans. This case was originally filed by Native American students and their parents. Both the Navajo Nation and the United States joined in the case to support the students and their parents. We talked to a kid called Bill who are currently studing Business Software at a nearby university and he is thrilled he got the chance to learn a little more instead of just staying at home like his parents did before him. He even pasts his latest exam with the higest score in that state. if you don’t know what business software is, you can get the basic facts here at Click here for info on business software and get a better idea about, just how different this is compared to what the native americans normally do.

There are quite a few different scholarship which allow Native Americans earn a college degree, depending on certain factors which will determine who qualifies for them. It is important to look at as many as possible if you want to go to college but cannot afford the costs that are associated with earning a degree, such as tuition, books, and other fees. The more grants you apply for the better your chances will be of getting one. The great thing about these grants is that its money that you will never have to pay back, and it allows you to expand your career opportunities significantly such as Bill did by studying business software.

The Native American Graduate Center let the graduates to earn a master’s degree or even a doctorate. If you simply cannot afford the full length of a graduate program at a certain college or university, then you will want to think about applying for this grant. Each year numerous students are given thousands of dollars as their allowance to sustain their studies for them to earn a degree.

Another option for these students who are looking for a way to go to school is the scholars program. It has become world-renowned for giving thousands of dollars to minority students who are in need, including Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and more. Part of qualifying for this grant is proving your own Native American heritage as well as being at least 18 years of age and maintaining a certain minimum grade-point-average.

Their are series of program which was put together with the Native American Rights Fund offers students in 23 different states to get a scholarship which will pay all expenses incurred while earning a degree in an accredited college or university. Those who attend community colleges are also qualify for this scholarship which can provide needy students with the funds they need to earn a degree. In order to get the money you need for college, you will need to apply for multiple grants and scholarships which enable you to study math, business intelligence or sports, focusing on the ones you think you have the best chance of getting. This will effectively increase your odds of being accepted and getting all the money you need for your higher education.