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Though a number of people have developed interest in learning foreign languages, the challenge has been that they lack something that will motivate and give them the necessary impetus to go on and on. If it has been your dream to learn Native American language, culture and history, you had better consider buying a Smartphone. It has a wide range of apps that will enable you learn the language readily and interestingly. It is reported that some schools are using the Lakota Toddler app for teaching kids the Lakota language and its effectiveness can not be underestimated.

Research also indicates that the Navajo tribe has also decided to teach their children about their language so that they can instill pride into these kids about their culture and history. It had been discovered that most kids were increasingly getting alienated from their heritage to a point that they were beginning to lose their cultural identity. Success in this endeavor has created a high demand for learning other Native American Languages and people are requesting for relevant iphone apps that will make them revive the glory of their tribes, culture and history.  This was a great milestone because people like Shortman had tried to invent a language app without any apparent success until three years later.

It’s an interesting subject and indeed has been the subject of much research.  There are pressures from all angles on the use of native languages especially with the expanse of the internet.  Indeed many native Americans will often learn more about other cultures.  In Australia, many natives enjoy watching UK TV and have seen the decline of traditional pastimes such as story telling.

No wonder he can not hide his sense of pride and triumph when he says that his aim was to make learning any of the Native American languages fun for kids as well as interested adults. He believes that if other tribes will adopt the iphone, Native American languages that were nearly on the verge of extinction will undoubtedly be revitalized. One of the greatest achievements of Lakota Toddler app is the fact that it has vocabulary cards that feature vocabularies related to body, food as well as number words.