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One thing I hate about modern times is the inherent focus on anything negative.  When it comes to Native Americans, much of the conversation put forward by the national media has focused on either alcohol abuse, or the plight of those living on reservations.

Personally, I’d much rather talk about a Native wine of the month club started and kept running so that people learn to use alcohol in a constructive way, rather than abusing it.  Or why not feature any number of native young people who have done amazingly well in school and are attending an outstanding 4 year University?

Overall, it is a question of fairness.  While these stories may make us feel bad, are they really causing new action to be taken when you still can’t identify yourself as Native American on the census as of only 20 years ago?  How about the current Census which asks if you are either white, or Hispanic-Non White.  How is much son suppose to answer when his grandmother is from El Salvador and he is mostly German other than that?  Clearly our government hasn’t learned its lesson!