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There is a rising consensus among environmental groups that the only way to deal with Donald Trump is to fight him in the courts.  The latest battle has seen two groups come together in an attempt to protect some of President Obama’s climate change measures.  The groups are from the mainstream environmental movement and from an American Indian tribe who have joined forces in order to protect the restrictions on mining coal from federal lands.

President Obama was often criticised for not doing enough to fight climate change but he did introduce many measures designed to help.  One of those was a block on all new coal leases allowed on federal lands while a proper review on the impacts of burning fossil fuels took place.  The study was also supposed to look at the costs benefits to the American taxpayer too.

However last week even those modest measures looked in trouble as President trump signed them away with an executive order.  In the same session he also initiated a review into President Obama’s plan to restrict the emission of greenhouse gases from the USA’s many coal fired power plants.

The environmentalist groups were shocked if not completely surprised, and point to the huge amount of evidence that coal is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution and greenhouse gases.  There was the latest in many documentaries looking at this subject aired by the BBC last month.  You can still access it online via the BBC iPlayer although you will need to use a VPN to access the BBC from abroad.  This post demonstrates how to access the BBC iPlayer from Ireland  – http://bbciplayerabroad.co.uk/does-bbc-iplayer-work-in-ireland/  although the solution will work for any country including the USA.

The lawsuits have been launched by the groups and they expect to be supported by public opinion and backing.  Nearly every poll has shown that there is public support for action on climate change although President Trump fails to acknowledge that there is an issue.   He has focussed on the coal mining jobs which are obviously affected rather than the bigger global issue that is facing the entire planet.

Trump however gained valuable support in many areas which have extensive coal mining on promise to support the industry.  It seems that the current administration has a priority on cheap fuel irrespective of what damage it causes the environment.

Many environmentalists hope that this extensive legal action will be enough to prevent these measures being implemented.  There is a hope however that efforts to rebuild the coal industry will actually fail anyway.  Most mining companies have switched their focus towards renewable energy or things like natural gas.

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