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The biggest gathering of Native American and native individuals in the world’s will occur . The 32nd Annual Gathering of Nations, considered the most outstanding Native American powwow on earth, will sponsor thousands of much more than 700 tribes and men and women from throughout Canada, America, and all over the world.

It expected that News media from across the world will be covering the event.  There will even be coverage from some European channels, from Germany, France and the UK.  If you want to access this coverage you can usually catch it from the online players, for example the BBC iPlayer will work in any country if you can get access to a proxy service such as this one.

The three-day event includes more than 3,000 conventional Native American dancers and 50 drum groups competing, and and dealers exhibiting and more than 800 Native American artisans, craftsmen work their selling. Moreover, modern-day native music groups will soon be performing a wide range of musical genres. Sellers in the Native Food Court offer guests a big variety of food options ranging between southwestern-style cuisine and traditional Native American fare.


Within the Gathering of Nations, a young Native American girl will probably be crowned Miss Indian World and represent all indigenous and the native people.

The contestants will compete in the fields of tribal knowledge through essays, meetings, public speaking and demonstration that is conventional, and dancing. The much hoped-for “Grand Entry” starts at midday on Friday, April 24. The newest Miss Indian World will undoubtedly be crowned on Saturday evening, following the Grand Entry. The Gathering of Nations will likely be held in the WisePies Arena aka The Pit in Albuquerque.

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