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A new type of coffee grower is slowly emerging in the organic coffee growing and harvesting industry.  The Native American who once worked diligently for large coffee plantations for less than enough to support a family has begun to grow their own. These large plantations also clear an abundance of land that had once been rain forest.  This further took away the natural landscape that had been the home of indigenous and Native American people.  There are many reasons to purchase Native American Coffee grown from people who pride themselves on the quality of their crops.

You may have seen the advertisements for these coffees now as they’re slowly reaching into mainstream. You’ll certainly see them in US shops and even in Europe. They are advertised on all forms of media and even in commercial channels in the UK.  If you want to see them check out this application which allows you to watch British TV overseas.

The Native American coffee growers are conglomerates of family owned farms that work together to produce a high quality coffee bean.  There are farms throughout North, South and Central America that have trained and skilled Native Americans that grow organic and chemical free coffee beans.  The large plantations of coffee often grow coffee in such masses that the overall quality of the bean is compromised.  These plantations also use chemicals (like DDT) to control pests in their crops.  Native American farms are smaller scale and are meant to grow the highest quality bean available.  Their crops are also certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association.  These crops are hand prepared according to the culture and traditions of the Native American People.

There are other advantages to the Native American coffee bean trade.  These small family farms are supporting the people and helping to create better communities for Native Americans.  The agriculture is supporting families that work together rather for a fair wage, as opposed to working for plantations that often pay them below subsistence wages.  When you purchase this coffee you know that you are helping to free a people from dependency on big farm labor.  This is an outstanding way to be more environmentally friendly and supporting a group of individuals who are working to provide for their people.  They use their own land, destroy less forest and take pride in their crops.

The coffee that is grown on the fertile lands of the Native American people are a unique green bean.  It is grown with care and without chemicals or pesticides.  The coffee is then processed by hand and roasted by trained Indian professionals.  The attention to the quality of their crops produces seven different flavors of coffee.  The quality and difference of the coffee is clear from the first aromatic cup.  There is a significant difference in beans that are grown by hand and the difference is noticeable in the varieties such as: Sunrise Warrior (a breakfast blend), Black Medicine (robust), Chestnut Roast Espresso, Viva, Ancient Trails (light bodied), or Evening Star (French roast).

A commitment to being more globally aware and supporting Native Coffee Traders is a way to purchase outstanding organic coffee at a reasonable price. So once you’re done reading espresso machine reviews and have got yourself a nice new coffee maker, if you purchase Native Coffee you’ll know you are buying a high quality coffee that supports a local economy for a group of individuals who are committed and respectful of the Earth.  Native American coffee is a great way to respect the Earth and a people who need the support.

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