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Preservation of the land is important to Native Americans. Without it they, and everyone, would not be able to live. We rely on the land for food, water, materials to makes clothes and other items.

The effect of technology and the industrial revolution meant that factories were popping up everywhere. Many people depend on cars as their primary mode of transport. When we go on holiday, we usually think nothing of boarding an aeroplane to take us across vast distances. While doing these things, most of us are guilty of not thinking about the impact that they will have on the environment.

Global warming is now a very prominent issue and many scientists are claiming that it is the time to dramatically reduce our carbon emissions. People are starting to drive electric cars for example, but there are still sceptics who feel as though global warming is not as big of an issue as is being claimed. However, in Britain, there have been devastating floods in coastal regions that are surely evidence for global warming, sea temperatures rising, ice caps melting, and the water levels rising. Look at the case of Braunton in North Devon. In December 2012, a multi-million pound flood scheme failed and devastated this small coastal village. It meant that many people had to stay away from their homes, businesses were forced to close before the busy Christmas rush, and people’s livelihoods were at stake.

It is warnings such as these that make us have to heed the warning of scientists and learn from the Native Americans who teach us to value our land.