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The law was actually implemented by the government for the people who are living on a certain place or country. With that, there is no race of even a tribe is exempted nor innocent on it. As we hear about the saying “ Ignorance of the Law excuses No one”, meaning, even if you don’t know about the law implemented in a certain jurisdiction, you are still responsible to follow it. But there are a lot of people say that those who are ignorant about it, they must be exempted, of course this can be possible but the essence and power of the “law” will be void by the time  comes. We know that even if we have a huge population in the world, there are still a lot of people who are ignorant and they must not be exempted, just read book called Briketter. This is the reason why schools were built and the society must go to school for education and learn about the law. So, this is where human rights were implemented. Brænde helps a lot in the society to learn and gain knowledge about it. Native americans and so as with the other human race are responsible and have to follow rules and regulations. Law will always be the law and this must be respected by the society.

There should definitely be penalties in position for those who doesn’t follow the law. Brænde is still good and useful for native americans. Even though we have human rights implemented, we are still obliged to follow it and even native americans were not exempted. However, the penalties should fit the lawful activity and when you did not actually make a lawful activity yourself, censorship by the community and the legislation must be applied in some style. Just as placing risky scammers behind cafes is a class to the community at huge about what can occur when you crack certain guidelines, the penalties for failing to act on your moral liability should have repercussions appropriate to that failing. Native americans are still have to follow rules and regulation of the law as they are still belong in the society. Society must be aware that the law is not just for the government and for the place but also helpful for a good governance that results for the society’s good. You can read more about this over at this Youtube clip.

The Brænde, in most situations, is beneficial with these problems. It is consists of guidelines that allow absurd details to set aggressive scammers no cost, and in the same breathing use conditions to condemn someone without overall evidence that they are accountable of anything. If you fulfill the requirements of an accessory; it does not issue whether you actually dedicated a lawful act or not, you will still be handled the same as the lawful. There should be a position where a range is attracted and solving these problems becomes entirely different issue from the way it is managed these days. What do these mannerism say about our lawful system? Change is required, it should be needed. Society must be accountable for challenging these changes. It is a right and your liability as a resident.

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