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One of the greatest and most crucial socioeconomic differences that must be faced by our Government and business sector alike is the drastic shortfall between the average wages paid to native Americans compared with white employees. The lack of research into the racial wage gap concerning American Indians is an issue in an of itself, considering that this is a group known to be statistically the poorest in North America.Overall, according to the latest study conducted in the early nineties, American Indian families earn just over 60% of the national average.

The data that we do have indicates that the wage difference is less in the public sector, where there is a 20% gap between colored and white worker’s wages. This statistic is condemnable enough in itself, but in the private sector the difference hits 34%. To illustrate, a qualified medical sonographer currently earns an average ultrasound technician salary of $64,900 per annum. According to this data, a native American employee with the exact same qualifications and skills would earn $51,920 per year in a public hospital or $42,830 in a private hospital. That is a shortfall of $12,980 to $22,070 compared to his rightful entitlement- almost the equivalent of a full time wage in itself. This abject injustice is what workers in our country, in this day and age are being subjected to.

With such blatant and extreme prejudice still evident in the workplace, it is hard to see the larger problem of equality getting far without employers and businesses taking responsibility for this wage disparity and refusing to uphold it. All North Americans who are trained equally and contributing to their workplace equally should be on an even footing when it comes to pay negotiations, and we cannot ignore our failure as a nation in this regard any longer.

Just to highlight the issues, it would be completely unacceptable in other developed nations who generally would not tolerate this level of discrimination.  There are strict rules and guidelines across the European Union for instance to guard against these sort of issue.  Most of the legal considerations have been adopted into individual country’s laws which grants employment protection for workers in these situations.  This applies across all employment areas although there has been some issues in the UK with high profile TV journalists suffering disparity in wage levels based on their sex.

This is particularly worrying as well, the BBC is a well renowned and respected organisation which often trumpets democracy, free speech and equality issues.  They have also got large sections on their site covering these subjects particularly equality and diversity.  You can access some of the site from anywhere but most parts are not accessible outside the UK.  This article describes how you can watch UK TV from Spain – read it here, it involves changing your IP address in order to access region locked content.