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Recent data suggests that Native Americans suffer from a disproportionately high rate of hypertension.  Blood Beat provides a BP chart to check against your blood pressure readings.

What causes high blood pressure?
Blood pressure is the measuring of blood that pushes against the walls of a person’s blood vessels. If a person has high blood pressure, it can be dangerous because it makes a person’s heart work harder.

Normal blood pressure is often 120 over 80 but when a person has a Stage 1 high blood pressure, the reading is 140-159 over 90-99. If a person finds that their blood pressure is consistently over the normal range of what it should be, they should talk with their doctor about ways to lower their blood pressure.

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There are many causes of high blood pressure such as smoking, not engaging in physical activity, being overweight or obese, having too much salt in their diet, too much stress in their life, being older, having a history of high blood pressure in their family and suffering from chronic kidney disease.

There are those who are more inclined to develop high blood pressure such as those who smoke, those who have members of their family who have had high blood pressure, African-Americans, women who are pregnant, those 35 years old and older, those who don’t exercise, people who drink a great deal of alcohol, those who suffer from sleep apnea and those who eat a lot of fatty and greasy food.

If a person wants to lower their high blood pressure, he or she should first talk with their doctor and then under the guidance of their doctor, they should exercise in moderation, cut back on fatty foods, limit their alcohol consumption, try methods like meditation or deep breathing to cut back on stress and lose some weight.

Recording your blood pressure several times a week on a blood pressure chart, also helps and there are lots of apps available on android and apple tablets, this tools allows you to access them all with an iPad VPN for example which is extremely useful if you’re based in a remote location.