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One thing that those interested in spiritual or holistic healing have become increasingly more interested in over the years has been the practice of holding a Native American inspired fire ceremony. Using a minimal number of accessories and based around a central outdoor fire pit the ceremony is traditionally performed around the time of the new moon but it can be held at any time that the participants wish to introduce “newness” into their lives.

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The nature of the fire pit used is not of great importance – it could be a hole in the ground or the kind of decorative firepit found in many backyards these days.  Indeed they can be found in the ancient cultures all across the world, try looking at RTE although you’ll need an Irish proxy to access from outside Ireland.

The Fire Ceremony Begins

Once the fire is burning in the fire pit all of the ceremony participants are asked to place something in the fire that represents the thing – or things – that they are hoping to rid themselves of. Or if they choose they can write a prayer of celebration of something new and burn that once they have read it aloud. many people choose to combine the two, burning something that represents the bad of the past and then giving thanks for – or asking for – something new.

In Native American tradition this burning is usually accompanied by the burning of sage, tobacco or sweetgrass as well. Participants are also encouraged to use visualization to strengthen their goals for the ceremony. Traditionally the fire ceremony concludes with prayer, dancing and music.

You can perform this kind of ceremony in your own backyard, as long as you follow some basic safety rules. Watch that the fire does not burn too brightly, especially when objects are being added to it, and always make sure the fire is completely out before you head back inside once your fire ceremony is concluded.

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