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Since late 15th century native Americans have been fighting for survival as the invasion of European colonists took part. For more than 5 centuries the old world and the new world in North America has been on conflict. Most of native American tribes were matrilineal – the people occupied the land only for the need of their tribes agriculture, hunting and survival. This was the very opposite of European patriarchal culture of individual property rights at that time. This was a huge difference in the way people saw the world. American Indians were not materialistic, however Europeans wanted their lands, labor, gold and other valuable things.

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Nowadays most of American Indian tribes live in special National Parks dedicated to them, however many of the tribes are trying to get back their originally inhabited lands and renew their rights for hunting, selling crafts, taking entrance fees. Overall we can see that the native society and culture has changed drastically, mainly influenced by European culture and philosophy. Materialistic age has changed the way Indians look at property and nowadays they tend to be more patriarchal than their ancestors. On the other hand we can not forget the fact that at the moment their previously inhabited lands are taken from them and they have to settle down in very restricted places with no or little rights to property at all.

Native Americans had many clashes with Europeans because of different view of property. “Land is life, not property. It is to be respected, not owned.” is said by local tribes in North America. There are some similarities with Scotland and the way how Scottish clans used their land. As nowadays it tend to be really expensive you can always rent some Brilliant Loch Lomond Lodges for a city escape or family holiday. Native Americans always believed in natures healing powers as well as relaxations positive effect on body and mind.

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