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Native American communities are often portrayed as standing in the way of progress.  You’ll often read about how communities are blocking things like wind farms or factories being built on protected land.  However technology offers a real potential for many communities especially where local employment opportunities are limited.

Many organisations are helping native Americans use technology like the internet to set up businesses online and become internet entrepreneurs.  It’s an ideal solution to a traidtional problem of bringing employment to areas where there is little local commerce.  The concept is of course quite simple and is being used witgh success throughout the world in both rich and poorer countries.  Just put in some basic infrastructure to allow a decent level of internet access, perhaps grants and loans to allow equipment to be purchased and usually the budding entrepreneurs step forward.

The internet is of course a global market and you can build a very meaningful business online with minimal resources.  The one thing you need is to put in the work, an ethic that most native Americans already have when focused on a goal.  There are literally limitless ways to grow an online business, however obviously marketing and selling a product or service is an obvious one.

There are a few restrictions on countries you can market to, however a technically minded individual can bypass most of these artificial restrictions.  You can use similar concepts to those that people use to get access to the BBC Iplayer on their IPad in the USA, that is utlising proxy servers to change their location.  This also works well if you want to advertise on directories like Craigslist which block adverts from different areas – use a proxy to reach multiple markets – a demonstration can be found here – http://www.theninjaproxy.org/ninja/how-to-watch-bbc-iplayer-on-your-ipad-from-outside-the-uk/

There are thousands of native Americans who are using technology in a powerful way like this.  for instance companies like NATECH who are  award winning, Native American Woman owned-firm, a certified HUB Zone firm, and is designated by the Small Business Administration to participate as a Small Disadvantaged Business – this technology company has actually been around since 1999.