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To better understand the Native American legal and political nature lets first look at some history. In this article we will be looking at the Ute Indians who main location was in the State of Utah. Like most other groups they are facing the political fights that many other tribes face. However, it was not always this way.

Utah is rich in the amount of historical Indian sites you can find. From the St George area to Moab you can find a lot of natural rock art that has been preserved. Therefore the wall drawings that can be seen today let us know a little more about the people. If you would like to see this wall art in person I would recommend visiting the St George Real Estate website and looking for a rental. If you live in that area you would be able to explore all Native American sites.

Besides creating amazing works of art the Ute people had signed multiple treaties with the U.S. Government. However, like many tribes the Government went back on their word several times. Therefore you can understand why a site like this now exists. Our goal is to help shape and change the laws and policies for our people today.