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Most of us do remember the old cowboy and indian movies. Here the indians was always shown as the bad guys, while the cowboys were the good guys. This old cliche is something most americans still remember and enjoys. It’s also one of the reasons why the cowboy and indian theme are as popular as ever. Just take a look at the Halloween theme parties, if you compare the different costumes, you will easily see that the amount of cowboy costumes and indian costumes, such as the Pocahontas kostume, is actually more used than most of the superheroes like spiderman, ironman etc. So even the children enjoys this classic theme still.
Even though it’s been a while since we had a good western movie with indians, it’s still the one niche in the movie industri with the most movies in it. And every other year a new movie or two are added to it. Philip from sidste skoledags kostumer things that it’s because it appeals to something primitiv inside of us. Most of us, without realising it, wants to go back to a time where men can be real men and the problems are more real than how do I get off work an hour early this friday. We want to do something meaningful with our lives, not just sit on an office chair working. Back in the western every decission you took could mean the difference between life and death. This is also why some of the most popular costumes at Sidste Skoledags Kostumer are related to the western theme, and will likely continue to be so, for the next many years.

Also many of the indian movies were really popular when first released, movies such as the last mohican or Pocahontas are among some everlasting classics. A lot of regular americans still think that native indians live in their small tents, hunts buffolos with bow and arrows and think of indias as the bad guys from the western movies. It’s something that a lot of people don’t want to change, they hang on the idea of how the indias was in those movies and this is how it should still be according to them.

A lot of people still arrange various theme parties, and a lot of those theme parties are inspired by the cowboy/indian movies. After the Hawaii theme parties and 80’s theme parties, a western style costume party are the most popular type of event. But where the cowboys used to the first choice, it’s actually the indians now a day, that gets the first pick from most people. People can now better relate to their problems, and some may still feel bad about taking their lands. So being an indian has changed from being the bad guys to being the most popular pick. For the same reason, the amount of indian costumes being sold at Sidste Skoledags Kostumer, is about 20% heighter than the amount of cowboy costumes. This is another proof that here in 2015, it’s more popular to be a native indian than being a cowboy. It pleases me to see this turn in events, and I wouldn’t be supprised if this number has raised to 30% in another 2 or 3 years.

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