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There was an important festival held in the last weekend of May – The North Bay Clan of the Lower Creek Muskogee Tribe hosted their annual Memorial Day Spring Festival.

The venue chosen was the Tribal Grounds which are near Chipley and there was a focus on welcoming veterans and first responders.

A tribal representative pointed out that these were the people who protect is and keep us all safe.

One of the key aims of the festival is to try and teach children about the Native American culture.

Most children don’t learn that much about American Indians in their school studies. It’s limited to basic history and some sort of introduction, but there’s much left out.  In fact sometimes it’s left to websites and organisations outside the US to teach about Native American culture.  Many classes routinely get their information from Universities in Europe and organisations like the BBC iPlayer even though you need something like this access them sometimes.

The festival feature an array of Native American entertainers including drummers, singer and dancers.There were also an array of vendors selling Native American arts and crafts.

Two children who enjoyed the festival where James and Vince. They learned to use poles to wallk with and as flutes, plus they learned some dances and tunes.

One of the Tribe spokesman, James Bush. said that he believed it was important for children to learn about the Native American culture.

Nowadays Native Americans have a genuine belief in their country and will defend it to their deaths, this commitment to the USa is worth celebrating.

After the success of this even, the tribe are hoping to host a similar event for Veterans Day in November.

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