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Native American Personal Finances

Native American have particularly high instances of personal finance trouble.

There are many reasons that people use a payment calculator on a regular basis. The way that you make use of this tool will likely depend on what is going on within your life and the goals that you have set for yourself in the future. However, this calculator is intended to help you see exactly how much of what you are getting paid would be taken away from you in the form of taxes. Also, this would allow you to see how much of what is remaining would be paid to you when you are issued a check in the future. If you have ever been confused by the breakdown of your check in the past, this tool offers a solution that is simple and effective. There is no need to worry about information that is difficult to understand, you would discover a simple answer that can help you change the way that you approach working on a regular basis. There are many people that only want to work as much as they have to. 

However, they find this difficult because they do not have an understanding of how much they are required to pay in taxes. The portion of their payment that is remaining may not be exactly what they were expecting. The result of this is  a struggle that could have otherwise been avoided through the use of simple tools. A payment calculator is not very difficult to understand, it can help you find answers and allows you to learn just how much you will be getting paid when your check comes at the end of ever pay period. Make use of this calculator and make your life a lot easier.

Music and American Culture

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American culture has for the last several hundred years been a Western culture. It’s main influence have been from the British culture in addition to influences from many other parts of Europe. Later a lot of the immigrants and slaves, the Native American peoples, African Americans and to a lesser extent Asian Americans have also been adding their influence to the USA. Because of this the American culture got many integrated but unique subcultures within the country. Philip from recently posted a paper on these various subcultures and how they have effected American culture over the last 30 years. One of the main types of influences have been from the black music subcultures. Most of the most popular music these days are heavily influenced by hip-hop, R’N’B and  rap music in general and as we all know, music is one of the biggest influences there is. It tells us how to dress, how to behave and in many other ways affect the lives of the younger members of society.
But why does music have such a huge effect on the culture? Music have been around for as long as people can remember and every country got it’s very own style of music, or at least that how it used to be. With the invention of the record and mass media, various countries started listening to music from other countries and soon began to lose more and more of their own music style . Now a day the kids watch MTV and similar music channels, they listen to the lyrics of their idols, they want to dress the same way they do and have the same opinions as their stars and such things does affect the culture of a country in a big way.

But how have music changed the American culture? The answer is actually quite obvious, just think – 50 years ago who would ever have imagined that USA would have a black president today? Not many I’ll bet.
The report from called priser nyt tag, does indicate how music made it cool to be black.  What can possible be cooler than a black gansta rapper these days? In the beginning of the 80’s it still wasn’t that cool to be of a different color, just look at Michael Jackson, but that begin to change really fast and a lot of it was due to the music people was listening to.

But music isn’t the only thing that have had a huge influence on the American culture. Food is another of the main factors and when it comes to food, nowhere else in the world can you get so many different kinds of food. America is a heaven for all who wants to experience a large palette of dishes from all over the world. Each type of immigrant brought with them, in addition to their own types of music, their own food cultures which has fast been accepted into the country. Now in almost any larger towns you can get the traditional American burgers, tacos, pizza, spring rolls, and just about any other type of food you can imagine. Just imagine how bought the food would be if it haven’t been for the inspiration of the many immigrants. All these various immigrants have helped make USA one of the most successful and greatest nations of all time. We owe them a big thanks.



Fracking-What Happens?

One of the great questions I have about the United States these days is about how we plan to deal with changes in our current setup in regard to Native American’s.  I mean, what happens if reservations are above huge natural gas deposits that couldn’t be used before the advent of fracking?  What if this reservation land, long considered to be among the worst sites in America, suddently became really valuable?  Would we kick Native’s off this land like we have so many times before?  My friend owns a gift basket business and he is 100% sure that we would, although at this point I am not nearly as sure as he is.  I mean, I think we’ve come a long way with how we choose to treat people who are American citizens, don’t you agree?

Online Course For Native Americans

The US Small Business Administration, over at, have recently introduced a new course especially for businessmen and women with Native American heritage to help them out when they decide to begin a new business.  The course is entitled “Native American Small Business Primer: Strategies for Success” and it includes general business practise as well as informing the Native American business owners of things they are entitled to through the SBA such as business connections and other important financial and legal advice.


The whole idea behind this free course is to help in job creation and development within the Native American communities throughout the USA.  It gives advice on how to plan a business venture, how to finance a business, what legal entities have to be formed and other legal issues that come with starting a new business.


The course is taken through an online training program and candidates that complete the training will receive certification from the Small Business Administration.

Helping Native Americans Understand Their Debt

It’s important that debt-laden Native Americans be aware of online tools such as the PaymentBot that are available to understand personal debt.

When an individual hears someone ask them if they have heard the good news, he will naturally respond with “What good news?”  Now, there are certain types of good news that are not particularly new, but this has little to do with the discussion of paymentbot software. Like the not-so-fresh good news that has been around for thousands of years, paymentbots are not exactly a new technology either. In fact, it’s just another term for a payment calculator. Anyone who has applied for a mortgage or a car loan in recent years has either run such a program or had such a program run on his behalf.  It is this program that determines how much someone will pay. A different set of rules and regulations, and perhaps another program entirely determines whether or not someone will get a mortgage loan or a car loan.

If a curious customer wants to run a Paymentbot on his own behalf, it is relatively easy to do so.  The good news, if the stretched phrase can be applied here, is that a number of different sites have made such software available for him.  These code snippets, often installed directly on a website, work the same way the programs the banks use.

What can someone do with the information these programs provide?  Well, the information serves as a guideline for someone who wants to take out a long-term loan.  Car loans and home mortgages have been used as an example, but these payment calulators can serve the needs of businesses of all sizes as well.  Small business owners know they need capital in order to grow and expand.  They may not always know if they can make the payments. After all, starting a business of any size requires the business owner and his investors to take a risk.

The Historic Oakville Woodland Mound

The Oakville Indian mounds stand in almost 130 acres in Lawrence County.  The area is very peaceful but also attracts a lot of visitors, fisherman, birdwatchers, hikers and joggers all frequently use the area.  But if we go back a thousand years it was probably popular with Native Americans.

The specialist historian at the site estimated that it has been occupied for probably 10,000 years.  You can still see signs of the occupation and the history in the three mounds still visible at the site.  There were estimated a couple more but these have been destroyed over the years probably as a result of farming practices.

The biggest mound there stands about 30 feet tall and covers an area of nearly 1.5 miles, it is believed to be some sort of religious space.  There is a native American one in the area too which has a settlers cemetery built into the top.   There is also a museum at the site where Native American artifacts found in the area are displayed.  In total there are well over 20,000 Native American artifacts for people to see.

The museum plays an important part in the Indian Education Programme and gives students an interactive way to learn about their Native American heritage. 

“We have about 1719 pupils served here in Lawrence County only,” says Casey Reed who is the Federal Program Director for Lawrence County Schools. “We have among the larger Indian Education Plans in the state.”

Educating the people is one of their quantity one priorities, since the home is managed by the county school system.

“In this place only, there are over 100 recorded sites and we are here to assist maintain these sites from damage and to prepare the people to attempt to have them fascinated in conserving more sites” says Mullican.

If you want to learn more about Native American history, you can find the museum’s website here.  For general history and information then there’s lots of resources on the BBC website although to watch the documentaries you’ll need this site - if you’re outside the United Kingdom.

Canadian Protests – Ancestral Lands

It is now nearly five weeks since Theresa Spence has lived on a temporary campsite next to the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa.  She has lived on only fish broth and cups of tea, Theresa is the Chief of a Native American tribe and she is there to protest about her tribes living conditions.  

The spark that initiated this protest was a law bill which will restrict entitlement to the ancestral lands to many Native americans in Canada.  Many of these communities have already suffered much in the last few years.  There are numerous problems with housing and very high levels of unemployment amongst most of  the native communities.  Of course such problems also cause other serious social problems.  The communities feel that they are being perceived as second class citizens and have decided they’ve had enough.

The protest by Theresa Spence is far from an isolated one, there are protests appearing all over the country.  Blocking roads, marches through shopping malls and various sing and dance performances in places designed to cause obstructions.  The protests are also gathering momentum online too, various internet activists are supporting their cause and spreading the word.   The protestors have gathered great support online and utilised various technologies like these proxy sites - to spread the word and also use Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to name a few.


Tools to Help Native Americans with Their Finances

Native Americans have to pay taxes as well.  Particularly those that generate their income off of Reservations.  A great tool for ensuring that taxes are being calculated correctly is a paychack calculator.

Education is one of the most important tools when it comes to the impact that taxes will have on the amount of money that you are able to bring home as a result of the work that you have been doing. Without a proper understanding of how much you would pay in tax, you would get the feeling that you are not going to have to worry very much in order to keep your bills paid. Many people that assume this is true will end up having trouble with their taxes and having to secure loans from friends because they did not understand the amount of money that was included in their check. If you would like to avoid having to deal with this in your own life, it would be a good idea to use a Paycheck Calculator in order to determine the tax burden that comes along with the amount of money you are earning. Taking this step would ensure that you do not have to worry about how much taxes are being taken out of your check.

Additionally, a paycheck calculator is a great way to understand how much money you would have left over after paying all of your taxes. This money is yours to spend as you would like, you can focus on bills or simply save for anything that you have been thinking about. It can be very difficult to work and have to worry about taxes on a daily basis. However, this calculator is designed to make your life a lot easier. Instead of stressing about the amount of your paycheck, you would find that this calculator gives you spending freedom.

Native American Struggle with Their Mortgages

Native Americans struggle with their mortgages loans disproportionately to the American population at large.  Native Americans can do a lot to promote their financial health by using a mortgage amortization calculator to help understand their loans.

When it comes to shopping for a home, people tend to fail to take their time in order to make the best decision. A great deal of focus is put on finding the property that offers the size or features that you may be interested in at the moment. However, very little effort is put into comparing methods of paying down this investment and how that would impact your family going forward. The best way to get into a home that you may be interested in would be to find something that you feel your family would be comfortable living in for many years to come. However, you also want to think about how you will pay for this. Do not simply settle for the first mortgage that is made available to you. Instead, you want to use a calculator in order to have a closer look at the cost of the property.

An Amortization chart can be very helpful in making sure that you are making the decision that is in your best interest financially. Instead of jumping on a loan that looks attractive, you would e able to consider those that would allow you to purchase the property at the lowest overall cost to your wallet. When you approach the purchase of your home through the use of this method, you will likely be very happy with the security that comes with knowing you are getting a better deal for the money. If you make the wrong mortgage choice today, you will end up throwing away money for decades to come. Instead, you would find it much easier to examine the rates you are being offered through the use of this tool. When you take this approach, you would save a lot of money for many years to come.

All American Brands – Not as American as You Think

A German-British scientist called Erich Huzenlaub found a new way to retain more of the nutrients in rice. It was a form of parboiling which is now known as the Huzenlaub Process. The first stage is vacuum drying the whole grain. Secondly it is steamed. The final stage involves vacuum drying and husking. The result is a more nutritional grain of rice which is more resistant to pests and which takes less time to cook. This is the method by which Uncle Ben’s rice is prepared. But is ‘Uncle Ben’ a real person? It seems his image is more about marketing.

The elderly African-American man dressed in a bow tie was not a rice inventor but rather a worker at a hotel. His name was Frank Brown. According to the Mars company (who own the Uncle Ben’s brand), Uncle Ben was an African-American rice grower. It’s interesting that companies can use this form of marketing to ‘put a face’ on products they sell. I’m not sure that anyone is being hurt by the use of the Uncle Ben personal. However, is it acceptable to advertize products in this way? I suppose that is what marketing is all about!

Rice is consumed the world over. You can find out more about the new style of rice cooker available in the U.S. these days. Regardless of the type of grain you choose to cook, the results are impressive.