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It is now nearly five weeks since Theresa Spence has lived on a temporary campsite next to the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa.  She has lived on only fish broth and cups of tea, Theresa is the Chief of a Native American tribe and she is there to protest about her tribes living conditions.


The spark that initiated this protest was a law bill which will restrict entitlement to the ancestral lands to many Native americans in Canada.  Many of these communities have already suffered much in the last few years.  There are numerous problems with housing and very high levels of unemployment amongst most of  the native communities.  Of course such problems also cause other serious social problems.  The communities feel that they are being perceived as second class citizens and have decided they’ve had enough.

The protest by Theresa Spence is far from an isolated one, there are protests appearing all over the country.  Blocking roads, marches through shopping malls and various sing and dance performances in places designed to cause obstructions.  The protests are also gathering momentum online too, various internet activists are supporting their cause and spreading the word.   The protestors have gathered great support online and utilised various technologies like these proxy sites – http://thenewproxies.com/ to spread the word and also use Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to name a few.

For access to news and reports from the Canadian press then you’ll need to use a Canadian Proxy server if you’re outside the country.

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