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It’s a tragedy that only today is Native American culture truly beginning to be appreciated. Some of this is evidence in the organic food movement, and of the biodynamic food movement, which has to do with planting crops in relationship to the lunar cycle. Many of these practices originated in Native American cultures. Fertilizer for crops was originated by the Lenape Indians. They buried fish in the ground to be fertilizer for corn.

I think that in the next century we will see a rebirth resurgence of native cultures across the world. As more and more of the world begins to realize that advanced western civilizations do not offer a more advanced happiness, they will be seen as not worth the effort. Living off the land may seem and feel more difficult to some but it is also much more rewarding to those who choose to live as a negative person. Regardless of heritage, although I am Native American and most of this revolution and resurgence happened in mainstream American society. Soon, large groups will start to travel to reservations and make improvements to their infrastructure. Most of what native cultures want today is to be left alone. But some cultures in the Western states have deteriorated due to predatory sales practices by breweries. At one reservation alone over 5 million cans of beer were consumed in one year last year. This kind of alcoholism will not only lead to the loss of our livelihoods, but also our heritage. If this generation is unable to pass on what we’ve learned to the next, where will the secrets go? Having a written language has helped this point in the past 100 years, but it cannot solve every problem.

I have chosen to live off the reservation. I understand that there is no way to get more money to pay for a flat to rent. but I have a job and a roommate to lighten the burden. I’m going to pull my life together, and save my family.