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A dispute over Native American artifacts found throughout the rebuilding of levees in Butte and Sutter counties threaten to delay conclusion of the job.
But, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says they’re obligated to follow national laws, which call for artifacts to be examined and examined since the levee repair is a national undertaking.

The flooding bureau says as it acknowledges the artifacts really are a sensitive problem with Native Americans, it’d — under different conditions — hand on the artifacts to the tribe.


The Native American Heritage Commission has said it needs the artifacts returning and the job has to be shut down or risk breaking state law and could go the the state attorney general. However, the Army Corps says it doesn’t have any option except to conform to stringent national guidelines regulating cultural artifacts.

The bureau said they were told by federal officials they possess the ability to revoke its construction permit and shut the job down.  There are several reports on local media and in the online sites which cover both local news and specific native American issues.  You can access these from the US but if you’re in Canada or abroad you’ll need to use a US based VPN, this is one of the best VPNs.

All sides are engaged in discussions to work out a compromise so the job, which shields and $ individuals 95,000 7 billion in property, can be completed on schedule. The Commission hasn’t indicated how it could answer to the Corps opinion and has scheduled a public hearing on the situation in ten days.

The Corps says that those found throughout the job are not anything used in any interment action or human remains, and they’ll finally return the artifacts.

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