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A German-British scientist called Erich Huzenlaub found a new way to retain more of the nutrients in rice. It was a form of parboiling which is now known as the Huzenlaub Process. The first stage is vacuum drying the whole grain. Secondly it is steamed. The final stage involves vacuum drying and husking. The result is a more nutritional grain of rice which is more resistant to pests and which takes less time to cook. This is the method by which Uncle Ben’s rice is prepared. But is ‘Uncle Ben’ a real person? It seems his image is more about marketing.

The elderly African-American man dressed in a bow tie was not a rice inventor but rather a worker at a hotel. His name was Frank Brown. According to the Mars company (who own the Uncle Ben’s brand), Uncle Ben was an African-American rice grower. It’s interesting that companies can use this form of marketing to ‘put a face’ on products they sell. I’m not sure that anyone is being hurt by the use of the Uncle Ben personal. However, is it acceptable to advertize products in this way? I suppose that is what marketing is all about!

Rice is consumed the world over. You can find out more about the new style of rice cooker available in the U.S. these days. Regardless of the type of grain you choose to cook, the results are impressive.