HomeCultureA Native American Doll to Celebrate Our Differences

When you think about it, it’s an absolute outrage that only 20 years ago on the US Census, there wasn’t an option to identify yourself as Native American. It seems as if the rich heritage of these people was just suddenly forgotten and it’s an absolute shame.

In my home State of Maine, I am proud to say that we are not as ignorant. Our university system provides complete scholarships for North American Indians to attend school at one of the campuses. Tuition and fees are waived if you currently belong to one of the Maine tribes or if you are a descendant of a tribe member (parent or grandparent).

I think it is so important to celebrate our differences and be proud of who we are and where we come from. The best way to teach diversity is to start with children and let them know it’s ok to be different, whether you are Asian, African American, Native American, Hispanic, or White. There is an awesome line of dolls, called Lalaloopsy Dolls, which showcases the differences in all of us in a positive way. In fact, just next month, they will be releasing a Native American Doll.

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